How to access the course material

How to access course material

You may have got an email regarding succesful enrollment. There will be a link in that email matter so you can click it and access the material.

log in into bolt iot and m/c learning after that, you just click in the course and enroll for free, the course will open after buying your bolt kit then you’ll get a mail and a link will open,then you’ll access to the course. Pleaser to answer your queries, do let me know if you’ve some doubt.Thanks…

If you paid successfully then after the payment a email will come to you. open the email and their is a link to access the course material or go to “” and login with your credentials . If you order the kit and payment is done online at that time then immediately you can get access to course material. If your payment method is cash on delivery then it will take few days because when you pay for the kit by COD then delivery service confirm the payment successfully immediately or may be after some time it’s up to delivery service. may be it will take 2-3 days after COD.

After you purchase the course successfully you can get an email & after that you can access the course.
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After enrolling the course you will get a mail … Which shows that you have enrolled and access the course …click it and easily u get course material