How to Access the video of training

I don’t know how to login for the course and access the videos.I follow the instruction for enrollment but after log out i am not able to login again.Please tell me the steps how to login.Please help me…

the link to the training video is
to login use the username and password you had set up. Else you could use your google account too to login/ signup

Hi @shivanikumari8420,

Please do reset password and after resetting the password login with your new credentials .

Do let me know in case you need further assistance,

I got this and then I login through this page by clicking on login.

And i login through this page.

After that I got this page.

Now what to click on this page to access my training.

youre already on the page. Just start watching and after finishing each video/project it will give a green tick to confirm youve finsihed that part

But video which are there are not accessable. There I can watch preview video only all videos are not accessable. And in that page only two options are there enroll for the course or buy the course.

hi ,even i had the same problem then later i realised that we have to keep the cookies “on” in the site settings of the chrome. First check if u have allowed cookies in settings of chrome

I got this page

step 1: first check if u have kept the cookies “on” in site settings of chrome. click on googlechrome=>settings=>site settings=>allow cookies.
step 2:Then u login in

Ok I will check…tysm

Hi @shivanikumari8420

you need to just click on login ( i.e, you’ll need to login)which is shown in pic as above. Then just enter the required details and login through it…you will directed to the course page and all videos will be can start watching videos and after watching videos ,a tick mark will be shown.

I got this page after clicking on login. And after login i got same same page

And after login i got this

Please help me in accessing the course.Pleaseeee

And i am getting this also.

You have to acess the course through offical email which have message that you have unlocked the course.

I don’t have any message of unlock the