How to Access training if I missed within two days to confirm the purchase

Hello, my name is Sameeksha,

I have purchased the Boltiot kit on 5th September, 2020 using the scholarship that I got… within two days I missed to confirm the order received due to personal reasons… and now if I scan the QR code, it’s showing expired. How can I get access to my training?

@sameekshadesai003 have you got any mail from bolt iot about training ?
if yes then follow the steps given in the mail.

Yes I got a mail, if I click on the link they provided or the access card QR code or the link, It says expired certificate

visit this and try to login

It says couldn’t find an account with my mail id…

@sameekshadesai003 then make an account on by the same gmail id you used for the purchase


Are you talking about the QR code on the access card that is present inside the kit?

Please visit using the same email that you used to purchase the kit and follow the instructions on the page.