How to add external css file

In the bolt cloud I can only see html and js for creating a website, is there any other way to add css rather than inline or using <style> tags. Like an external file for it.

@sciencearoundus27 as of now the Bolt Cloud is suppprting JavaScript and Html files only. So, if you want to add the Cascading Style Sheets in the html files you can do so by using either internal css or inline css (as you mentioned also).

I know it will be great if we can sort of make projects on the Bolt cloud (i.e. integrate JS, Html, Css and other files). You can drop your idea in the roadmap section i.e. , you can search whether the same idea is present on the site or not and can also support the same.

Moreover you can use the bootstrap CDN links to import the pre-formatted styling sheets provided by Bootstrap and in that way you can use loads of styling with minimum efforts.

I hope I have answered your query :slight_smile:

thanks for clearing my doubt @vishalvats2000

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Your welcome @sciencearoundus27 . do close the query by clicking on the solution button on my previous post :slight_smile:

done it thanks again