How to add images within a link in html?

how can we add images within a link ? we have to open the image added by clicking on the image.

We use the anchor tag to put images within a link. First use the anchor tag, (target="_blank" will help to open the link in a new tab instead of the same tab), inside the anchor tag, you need to give the image source. Choose the image you want to put within the link and save it in the folder where you are typing your html code. Inside the anchor tag, write the path of the image. And that’s it, now refresh the webpage and now on clicking on the image you will be redirected to the page you want.
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You can try taking the help of the above code. As the code which I wrote did not show up in typed form.

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we can add images within a link by specifying img tag in a tag
when you click on image it will redirect to

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