How to change bolt module ESP8266 wifi password

I have set up my bolt wifi module with a mobile phone hotspot. But now I wanted to change the settings so that I can access my bolt wifi module with another mobile phone. So please help me.

@utkarshshanu09 Once the Bolt device is set up using the WiFi, you do not need to set it up again. You can log in to the Bolt IoT app on another phone using the same email ID and password and you will be able to access the Bolt from that phone also.

If you want to change your wifi / hotspot connection of your bolt module , then install Advance IP Scanner software ( in your laptop. Connect to the WiFi network the Bolt is connected to and find the IP address of Bolt. You can find the Bolt IP by the Hostname which will be something like “Expressif”. Note down the IP address of the Bolt.

Now create a hotspot from your phone network and type the following URL in your laptop’s browser after replacing <IP_ADDR> with the Bolt’s IP Address.

Replace <HOTSPOT_NAME> with the name of your phone’s hotspot and replace <HOTSPOT_PASSWD> with the password of your hotspot.



Now your Bolt will be restarted and will connect to your phone’s hotspot. Now, the BLUE and GREEN LED should be ON and stable on your Bolt.

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