How to change the intensity of LED using python script

How can I change the intensity of led using analogWrite() method with respect to a change in light intensity measured from LDR sensor?

I have connected LDR to A0 pin and the leds to 1,2, and so on pins. Now I want to change the intensity of leds using analogWrite() method. Is it possible while the leds are connected to 1…4 pins or I have to connect it to A0 pin along with the LDR sensor?


Pins 0 to 4 are PWM enabled. That means, all 5 of the pins can be used to send write analog data.

Syntax - analogWrite(‘A’,‘B’)

where A = any pin no. from ( 0 - 4 )
and B = any value between ( 0-255 )

Example - analogWrite('3','155')

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Thanks for your help… it was helpful.

Can u guide me one more time!!! Is there any command in python to switch off the output pins all at a time?

You cannot really switch off the output pins. But you can use the digitalWrite(‘X’,‘LOW’) for all pins under a function, and run the function in the code. It will do the job.

def TurnOff():

Then call the TurnOff() function wherever you look necessary.

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Thanks for the solutions provided.

How you tried digitalMultiWrite? It is used to control multiple pins in a single command.

I am not sure if we have added it in the python library, but you can make an API call to get it done.

No, it’s not in the boltiot package. Should I share a snippet that handles the MultiWrite function using python?

digitalMultiWrite is currently not working in python.

Yeah its not present in the package. But do you really wanna use it?

yes there are few use cases that needs multiple pin write.