How to change the login email ID of my Bolt Module ? (Because my college email id has many restriction)

(Because my college email id has many restriction)
Google assistant is restricted for my college Email ID.

@hrithikmr.cs17 Here we go .
Tap your profile pic----> settings------> e-mail-----> click edit icon—> save changes.
Hope it will be useful to you my friend.:smiley:

@hrithikmr.cs17 First, you will need to unlink the device from your college account and then re-register it to your personal gmail account.
Check this link to unlink the device from your account,

Then once the device is unlinked, you can relink it from the mobile app. Just remember to sign in to the Bolt mobile app using your personal gmail ID.

hi @gkarun876,
thanks for those tips, they worked well till the step of receiving a confirmation email. But when I clicked on the link to confirm my email, this page was displayed…

hello @PPV sir please notice this issue.
thankyou !!!

Hi @mahdizaidi50,

For Bolt Cloud:

  1. Do not change your email address from the Bolt forum.
  2. log in to the Bolt Cloud using your previous email.
  3. Unlink the device from the previous account
  4. Create a cloud account with your new email
  5. Follow the setup process again to link your device to your new account.

For the training access:

  1. log in to with your previous email.
  2. Go to the profile section and edit the email.
  3. Enter your new email id.

For the Bolt kit order

  1. If you have used your previous email id while purchasing the training.
  2. Then send an email to and share your older as well as new email id.
  3. We will update your email id in our record then you can see your order details on page.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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