How to change the wifi connection on your bolt

how to change the wifi connection on your bolt

Hi @abrahamgeorge111,

I think your question is - How to connect the Bolt to another wifi network from the existing network ? Correct me if I am wrong.

To solve the above problem.

  1. Change the wifi password of the existing network.
  2. Follow the setup process again to link your device to your new network.
  3. Ignore the warning message - This device is already owned by you.

Do let me know in case you need further assitance.

As you mention you already have connected so you know the procedure of connecting just Disconnect the bolt iot & again connect with which wifi network you want
for disconnecting
1.login to bolt cloud bolt iot device(which you want to change wifi network) on share &then click minus sign to disconnect it
now you can connect to another wifi by doing the setting up instruction from start