How to change WiFi hotspot

During setup my esp module was connected to one particular hotspot.but now since I want to change the WiFi hotspot .How can I proceed

I hope you have installed the BOLT app from google play store. From their you can change the WiFi network.

You have to install Bolt Iot app From there you can change your hotspot.After connecting it bolt module with bolt app there comes a list to choose the hotspot.

Once I connect it to a particular hotspot,and when I turn the module on and if I want to change the hotspot network what am I supposed to do?

To connect wifi module you need two mobile phones and then follow the steps given below.
1.Download Bolt Iot app in first phone.
2.Start the wifi module by supplying power using USB cable. The blue LED starts blinking slowly which indicates wifi module is transmitting its hotspot for connection for setup.
3.Turn off internet in first phone and turn on the wifi.
4.Select the bolt hotspot.
5.When your phone got connected with wifi module’s hotspot the blue LED will blink faster.
6.Turn on hotspot in second phone.
7.Open Bolt iot app connect the wifi module with second phone’s hotspot by following the steps described in app.
8.When the setup is completed the blue LED will become stable and stop blinking.
9.If the internet connection of second phone is on along with hotspot then the green LED which indicates internet connectivity of wifi module will glow and become stable.
10.The green LED indicates that the BOLT wifi module got internet connectivity and also got connected with BOLT CLOUD.
11.If the internet connection is off in second phone then your wifi module is connected with the second phone’s hotspot but does not have internet connectivity.So turn on the internet of second phone.

But what can I do .if I want to change my second phone or the WiFi hotspot would I have to go over the setup again

Yeah @beingunique2000, If you want to change the Hotspot then you have to repeat the setup again.
Here you can find all the steps for the setup process in detail:

Yes you have to go to setup again.If you want to connect with your phones hotspot then follow the steps given below:-
1.Start the wifi module by supplying power using USB cable.The blue LED starts blinking slowly which indicates wifi module is transmiting its hotspot for connection fro setup.
2.Turn off your mobile internet and turn on your wifi.
3.Open the bolt IOt app and follow the shown instruction and click on ready for setup.
4.When your wifi module got connected with the phone’s wifi then blue LED will blink fastly
5.Now in bolt iot app click on connect to cloud.
6.There comes a list of available wifi.
7.At the bottom there comes a option of add network.,click on that.
8.Select mobile hotspot option.
9.Add hotspot name of your phone and hotspot password.
10.From settings turn on your internet.

After the 4th step, I am not getting any option like Connect to cloud option.
So how can i change the hotspot password of my Bolt module.

I had canged the hotspot name of my mobile phone and the wi-fi module is not getting connected to the hotspot. how can i connect.
Also i don’t remember the password of my Bolt Module Hotspot so how can i change that.


The most simple to re-configure your device is to turn off the first wifi source to which you had connected the device.

After this, start the Bolt device. Since it won’t the wifi source, the blue LED will blink slowly.
At this moment, the Bolt device is ready to be setup again.

You can follow the same process that you did for the first time by clicking Add device and following steps mentioned on the app.

If you want change WiFi hotspot or to access your own data then :

  1. First install the bolt iot app then click on the add device.
  2. Turn off your data and make sure you have turned on GPS and WiFi.
  3. Then bolt’s hotspot gets connected automatically for your easy access.
    4.if you want change the WiFi hotspot then click on the connect via hotspot that is displayed at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Now you can turn on your data and also hotspot . Add your hotspot name and password and your bolt WiFi module gets connected to your mobile data

You do not need to know the password of your Bolt WiFi Module.
When you go through the setup process for the first time, just follow the instructions shown on the app.

  1. Initially, when the Bolt module is turned on, the blue LED will blink slowly.
    2, Then, as you click on “Ready”, the app will ask you to open your GPS, in order to detect the module. 3. As soon as you open your GPS, your phone will automatically connect to your Bolt WiFi Module, and the blue LED will start blinking fast.
  2. After connecting, the app will ask you to switch off your mobile data. Then, it will ask you to connect to a local WiFi network. It can be your home/college/office WiFi, or your mobile hotspot. You may choose your preferred network.
  3. If you choose any WiFi network, simply click on the particular WiFi network, enter the password, and your Bolt WiFi Module is successfully linked with the WiFi network.
  4. If you want to connect to your mobile hotspot, select “Add Network”, open your mobile data and hotspot, and connect.

If you face some issues while connecting to mobile hotspot, you may use, if possible, a second phone in order to solve your problem.

You DO NOT NEED to know the password of your Bolt Module hotspot, as it is not required once your module is connected to a local network.

Hope that your problem is solved.