How to connect 2 WiFi Routers

I have 2 WiFi routers, earlier I connected Router1 and now that ISP is down So I want to connect to Router2 I put the WAP key to connect but it blinks fast(blue) and on mobile i can see it says incorrect password.
Password is correct i checked on router. But I think Bolt try to see password for Router1

Please guide.

Thank you

Try to reconnect it using the router 2 and if not possible use a handset apart from the only in which you have installed boltiot app.Open it’s hotspot and connect your module to it.It will be easy for you.

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@rahul.khatavkar The Bolt devices does not support WPS method of connecting to the router. You will need to enter the password for the WiFi network in order to connect to it.

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I tried but it failed cause it has Router1 password stored. Meanwhile my Router1 got Internet so it’s live again.
I’m looking some kind of option like Mobile…we can switch between SSID’s

@rahul.khatavkar What was the status of the LEDs on the Bolt when you were trying to change the WiFi?

It (blue) blink Fast but on handset get error that incorrect password. But password is correct if i connect mobile with same password I’m able to.

@rahul.khatavkar Can you send a screenshot of the error which says incorrect password?

Sure let me power off Router1 and try to connect this with Router2 through mobile.

Sometimes if the module is facing some issues to connect with the Wifi, you could simply check your wifi router’s working frequency as in my case I was trying to connect to 5Ghz one as it was not establishing the connection due to the fact that Bolt Wifi module SUPPORTS 2.4Ghz frequency.
That could help in future connectivity.