How to connect 4 infrared sensors to bolt?

I’m trying to make a project which was there on instructables.The name of that project is park it here.
I’m trying to make the same thing.but I don’t know how to connect 4 infrared sensors to the bolt.Could you please help

Bolt has got 4 Digital IO pins. You may interface it directly with them. The process will be similar as interfacing one Proximity Sensor. In case you are facing any specific issue, do describe it in detail.

Could you please help me with the circuit diagram. I have to use a bread board as well.

from the 5v of the bolt device connect it to on the breadboard and make all the 4 vcc’s of the sensor is contacting with 5v of bolt device on breadboard.
And same with the gnd take the “GND” from the bolt device and connect it on the breadboard and make sure that 5v and GND is not connected to each other if they it may damage your device.
and from the 4 sensor GND connect it to the breadboard which is connecting to the “GND” of the bolt.
and from the “OUT” pins of the four sensor’s connect to digital pins of the boltdevice.