How to connect BoltIOT with Home Appliances

Hi, I’m trying to connect BoltIOT with my Home Appliances. Please help me with what are the basic components required to connect BoltIOT with my Home Appliances like Lights and Fan, etc. Please also mention, how many appliances can be connected to BoltIOT at a time.

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You can connect your house appliances using 5v or 12v relay by this two relay you can connect two home appliances a device can connect to many products ,but a product must have a single device with this Bolt wifi module we can connect upto 4 devices it can be calculated by no.of digital pins =no. Of relays can be connected

Hi @manukr1975,

Check this project

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Hi @manukr1975, there are many types of Home Automation Systems like Bluetooth Controlled, Internet Controlled, RF Controlled, Remote Controlled (IR Remote) etc. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So the thing that we need here in common is ‘Relay module’.A Relay is used to connect a small current transistor circuit with a large current AC circuit. Hope you get that for better understanding i request you to look out for few real time projects on home automation for better understanding.
CAUTION : Be cautious when using Relay board with AC Mains Supply.

Yes sir, got it… Thank a lot…!!