How to connect camera to bolt

How to watch the video using camera from any another place using iot


check this link

in that they used eye-fi card because they don’t have wifi normal sd card is enough i think.

Bolt as such is not designed to connect a camera or send data with high bandwidth. I suggest for camera connection you use a Raspberry Pi.

Though, if you succeed in connecting camera to Bolt. Do let us know :slight_smile:

Is there any possibility to use of ip camera and have the possibility to live stream the video on bolt page means the program of the bolt using html

If you really want to implement a video capture on the bolt… You can take a look at the intel joule… It might be exactly what you’re looking for… Though im not sure how to interface it with the bolt

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I done this experiment using the Manything application and website for interfacing the camera but we have to open the two web pages at one time for watching the video and one page for controlling

Keep in mind ive not tried using the bolt for image video recording but ill go through a few points based on your question

-the most important aspect of this answer is the bolt is not made for live streaming videos( it is possible and ill get to that). The processor on the bolt would not be able to handle the computation of video processing, thats why boards like the raspberry pi comes with an inbuilt GPU for that very purpose.

Now for possible solutions for your problem

  • Image processing should be possible on the bolt (confirmation from the folks at inventrom would be
    appreciated),so if your application doesnt need real time continuous footage you can take a look at that

  • If you have some cash to spend and you need the video processed onboard take a look at intel joule or rasberry pi.

  • about the ip camera if you can find a way to send the raw data captured on the camera to a remote server acting as a nvr( just a server which processes the raw data and stores it in whatever format you want) after which the bolt page can access the video through webrtc or something along those lines

Manything which you mentioned also works like the last solution, it wouldnt save anything to the camera device because all the raw data was being processed on their servers. You would need to implement something similar

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check this out

but for doing this bolt’s esp8266 firmware should be modefied.

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Yes. You can use the bolt as a web server that just acts as a source for the webpage.
Somewhere in the html file, you’d have to specify an alternate source for the video.
So, in reality the bolt’s not processing any high bandwidth data. It’s just pointing the client device to another source.

Simply put, it’s like embedding an YouTube video on a webpage. The webpage’s server really does no work besides pointing clients to YouTube.

check this out

what I thought about this project is that the camera takes the picture continously and stores it in the temporary memory or the sdcard . the bolt just serves it just as an image file.
This process continues rapidly and it will look as if it is streaming the video . This just an idea I haven’t tried it out .

suggestions and recommendations are welcomed

where can I find this any idea?

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