How to connect motors

pls tell me how to control dc motors using bolt

Check the section Motor Control with Bolt in IOT workshop.

For connecting motor to bolt you will need a motor driver for this which can be either L293D or L298D and connect the output pins of driver to motor terminals and corresponding 2 inputs to BOLT’s GPIO pins and the supply pins(5v and gnd) to bilt and 12v pin to the battery.and motor can then be controlled by giving HIGH or LOW voltage levels to BOLT’s GPIO


Check out this instructable:

You need to have a Motor driven IC ex:L293D
L293D is a dual H-bridge motor driver integrated circuit (IC). Motor drivers act as current amplifiers since they take a low-current control signal and provides with a higher-current signal. This higher current signal is used to drive the motors.
Pin number 1 and 9 of the IC’s are for enabling the active high condition for two motors
pin 16 and 8 for Vcc; 4,5,13,12 GND
Pins 2,7,10,15 are connected to GPIO pins of Bolt
[pin 2 and 7 input for motor one(output 3,6)
pin 10 and 15 input for motor two(output 11,14)]