How to Connect multiple sensors to bolt

Hii, For one of my project i want to interface more than one sensors with bolt. can anyone tell me how can i do that??

What is the interface of the sensor you want to use?
A Bolt IoT has 5 Digital Inputs and 1 Analog Input.
If you connect with Arduino via UART, you can use multiple sensors with I2C interface with different address.

HI, is there any comprehensive guide for connecting bolt to Arduino via UART and examples to read from specific pin and store the same to a database.

I have gone through this - But better examples are needed for understanding the same.

I’m trying to read analog sensor data from 2 Analog channels in Arduino and transmit the same with BOLT via UART.

Kindly help. All other code in the forum related to this topic is old and does not use the New API structure.
Thanks in advance.


For the project that you are trying to do, download the latest BoltIoT-Arduino-Helper library, and install it.

You can then navigate to the File>Examples>BoltIoT-Arduino-Helper>PushData

In the loop function, just replace

Where channel1 and channel2 are the analog pins you want to use.

Do remember, this example code uses the updated library function ‘processPushDataCommand’ instead of the old ‘checkPoll’ function, you have to configure your Bolt Cloud product with only 2 csv values and not 6.

The code will handle the rest.


You can look into the following Hackster blog for an example.

We are working towards releasing new blogs regarding the same.

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