How to connect the bolt to my mobile

Can anyone please help me to understand how to connect the bolt iot to my mobile and please tell me each and every minor step to understand please please
And I have already saves the device in my bolt app

Hi @saqeebmomin60, your step is here. Do this step one by one:
Turn on your bolt module and hotspot (Keep individual hotspot to connect[Recommended]) don`t use same mobile hotspot

  1. Check your mobile data is on and open your Bolt mobile Application
  2. After open your application and login your bolt account.
    3.If successfully login, Turn of your mobile data first and after click the “Add device button”.
  3. After your mobile needs your wifi and location to turn on.
  4. after turn on your mobile detects your bolt module.
  5. your bolt module finds your individual hotspot, click the enter the password of your hotspot.
  6. Hotspot is successfully connected, green colour Led glows on that module and device connected with your bolt account.
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Hello sir i tried the same procedure but when I’m trying to connect my wifi to the device it is showing password and I don’t know the password I tried my usual password but it won’t work
So please tell me how to connect

See I can’t connect to bolt it’s showing password and I am trying with random password which I usually use but it won’t happen
Please help me

You should connect to your Home Wi-Fi network and not the Bolt network. The bolt wifi will automatically connect. First go to the app and click on the bolt device. And then you will be shown a series of networks available to you. Click on your personal Wifi network and not the bolt wifi. Enter the password of your wifi network and you are good to go.

Hi @saqeebmomin60,

Check this video

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Hello, first try connecting to your Home Wi-Fi network. The bolt wifi will automatically connect later. Then go to the app and click on the bolt device. And then you will be shown all the networks. Click on your personal Wifi network. Enter the password of your wifi network and then u can continue …

open the bolt application and select connect to a device.
once you have done that turn your wifi the password is displayed in the application itself like for eg it is bolt1234 type the password shown in the app.the password is given by the app and not personal password

hello @saqeebmomin60, here is the solution for your problem. This process is for, when you want to connect your bolt module to your mobile hotspot or the same mobile in which the app is installed.
Please the following steps one by one -

  1. As you have said you have saved the device in your bolt app. This red symbol shows that your device is not connected to cloud yet.
    now, click on “ADD DEVICE”.

  2. Carefully read the these three steps and make sure you’ve done the same. Then click on “READY”.

  3. then click on “TRY AGAIN” until it asks for turning off the mobile data.

  4. click “OK”. Close your mobile data.

  5. Let the app get the details of wifi module. Once it completes, then click on continue.

  6. Now to connect the bolt wifi module to your mobile hotspot click on “ADD NETWORK/SETUP VIA HOTSPOT”.

  7. Now, add the details of your mobile hotspot. Make sure to select the check box. Then click on the “CONNECT”.

  8. The app will ask you to setup the mobile setup. Click on “SETTINGS”.

  9. Configure the hotspot with the same SSID and password that you have entered in the app. Make sure you have selected the 2.4 GHz AP band. then do click tick.

  10. Now turn on the hotspot.

11.Then come back to the bolt app, The app then asks you to switch on the mobile data. Click on “OK” and turn on your mobile data. This is important step while this the bolt module will connect to your mobile hotspot.

  1. Wait to the WiFi module to connect to the cloud and when your bolt wifi module shows the green and blue light on, which represent that the device is connected to hotspot.
    Then click on “VERIFY WIFI SETUP”.
    The app will then confirm that the bolt module is connected to the cloud and informed you accordingly.

  2. Once when the app verified connection between bolt module and the cloud, then click “DONE”.

  3. After clicking “Done” you will be taken back to device list page. And now you can see the green symbol shows that your bolt wifi module is connected to the cloud.

Follow the above steps and let me know is it works for you or not…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

@sho_shri yeah it worked thanks😇

Hey !! @saqeebmomin60. This is handy getting started guide for connecting your Bolt module to WiFi and linking to your Bolt cloud account.
Ohho !! No worries…,the whole process will take only 10 minutes or less then that…

Now follow the steps below:
1.First of all check that your mobile is connected to Wifi or else mobile data.
2.Open your Bolt mobile Application.
3.As you have already created your account .Login into it .
4.Adding Bolt To your Account :
a) Now click on 'ADD DEVICE ’ button TO SETUP Bolt device to Your Wifi .
b)Power ON the Bolt device by inserting the Micro USB cable into the USB port.And
connect the other end to the android charger or laptop.
c)Once you have powered ON the bolt device , blue led on the Bolt will blink slowly ,it
means that the Bolt is now transmitting its own WiFi hotspot network.
d)Click ‘>’ on the symbol on the app to move further.
e)If the blue led on the Bolt has started to blink fast , that means your bolt has been detected
by the App. Now click on ‘CONTINUE’ .
5.Your Bolt module will find hotspots,click on your hotspot and enter the password of your hotspot.
7. Then the green colour led starts to glow on the module ,this tells you that your Hotspot and Your device is connected to your Bolt account Successfully …!!!
That’s it …Congratulations you have done it …!!!