How to Copy Paste in Ubuntu in Oracle Virtual Box from windows?

I don’t want to write long codes every time I’m working on a big project. I am finding a lot of difficulties to know as to how can we either copy-paste the text from the host machine to the virtual environment or share the text files between them. I have tried all the possible methods suggested in the forum but still, I’m facing this issue. I am using Ubuntu 16.08 server.
I have tried Ctrl+Shift+C to copy and Ctrl+Shift+V to paste, not working.
I tried to change shortcut keys by going into Ubuntu- Input menu- Keyboard- Keyboard settings, but it didn’t work.
I tried by setting the shared clipboard and drag n drop option as bidirectional, didn’t work either.
I tried using shared folder option but still got stuck in between.
Then I tried using apps like Filezilla and WinSCP but still, I was unable to connect to my ubuntu server to share the files.
I’m just fed up after trying all the above options, so if someone is having another way to do this kindly tell me. Copy-paste saves a lot of time. #SaveTime

@akshaykumar.kumar198 we cant use mouse on the ubuntu server.

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Hi @sumitrana9910,

You can share a folder between ubuntu on Virtualbox and your Host OS. So basically you can write your code on your windows os using any text editor(sublime, Notepadd++) and you can run the code inside the ubuntu server.

Check these below links


Another method is to use Vagrant on your laptop and it has some easy method for synching the folder between Host and guest machine.

Check this video

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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Thank you @rahul.singh1 for suggesting these methods.

I tried using the shared folder method from the above two links but I faced an issue. On step 9 in the method, whenever I clicked on Insert Guest Additions CD image option it gave me the following error:-

Can you tell me how to fix this error?

The Vagrant method worked for me as I was able to copy-paste now, but it created another Ubuntu (14.04) server on the Virtual Machine. Is there any way I can access my 1st Ubuntu server using Vargant and Cmder?

Hi @sumitrana9910,

Check this video I have not used the synching from host to guest OS using the Virtualbox.
But I have used vagrant and it works smoothly on all the devices. I will suggest you to destroy ubuntu 14.04 and install 16.04 or 18.04 box and you can continue the experiment and the best part of vagrant is you can easily configure to synch the folder between from Host Os to guest OS.

  1. Use the below command to destroy the older ubuntu 14.04
    (Do not forget to remove the Vagrant file from the folder otherwise you will not be able to install the new box on the same folder. )

  2. Use the below command for installing the ubuntu 16.04

vagrant init ubuntu/xenial64
vagrant up
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Despite following the instructions in the above video, the same VirtualBox error still occurred.
Vagrant with the Ubuntu 16.04 box worked best for me and now I can copy-paste.

Thank you very much @rahul.singh1 for your guidance and instructions, they helped me a lot. This saved a lot of my time.

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