How to create a BOLT project for intenship?

It is better to use all the components provided in the part of training kit and make projects related to our daily life.

@babujohnson4329 You can use the bolt kit to create the projects you want and implement them.

Hi @babujohnson4329 ,
You can use any components you like, but make sure it uses the Bolt Wifi Module. Try making a creative project that solves a real-world problem and adding a video demonstration to get better marks.

You can use all components provided in the kit and also add additional components to make your project more interesting as per your convenience. One can come up with their own topics or even do the “capstone project” provided in the module, but make sure no matter which project topic is chosen it must include the “Bolt wifi module”.
There are 2 options:

  1. Make a video has to be made to be and submitted of with a duration of 45mins to 1hr explaining the project in detail
  2. The other option is to build 2 different with Bolt IoT and ML platform and submit the tutorial of both of them as text content.

you can make small projects by using components provided in the kit. Try to make some creative projects which will be help full.

Hi @babujohnson4329 you don’t need to worry about big take small steps, as in start with simple projects like LED light control, Plant light intensity monitor. As you get the confidence you can gradually increase you knowledge.

Sir,is it ok to do already given capstone project

Hi @nagumalli.swathi2103,
I highly recommend not to do an existing project, as it will fetch you minimum marks. If you copy and paste the content from anywhere, plagiarism will fetch you 0 marks.