How to create a digital circuit connection image for final submission

I have tried Tinkercad but I cant add bolt wifi module in that.

@priyanshiomer707 you can try it in in You have esp8266 WiFi Module available in that, which is the heart of the bolt WiFi module.

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Open the link and sign up to your account. Then login to your account and click on Download.
Under Download, select “I have already paid” and the click on Download button.
Select your OS then download.
After downloading extract all the files in a folder. You will find fritzing.exe file and it will directly get opened.
For bolt Wifi module you can download it from this link Under the Bolt wifi module section you will find the part. After clicking add the file to the bin folder where fritzing parts are stored.

@prgtia But is not available ma’m.

Try this link : Over the time may be some changes have been done.
Under Bolt WiFi module you will find the download link. Click on it and rest follows the steps I have mentioned in previous comment.