How to delete device from bolt account?

I need help with my bolt account device connection
By mistake I had connected my device to my college account now I am not able to connect the Device with my original account(which has my trainings).
I also don’t want the extra bolt account(that has been generated by my college id which is linked to my bolt device) how can i delete it.
My email that has the training is
my bolt device ID is : BOLT8024704

Hi @garimabaleja,
Please mention your college email id too. I have taken this to the team and they’ll unlink your device from your college email id. I am not sure if the account can be deleted but if it can be done the team will delete it. Do let me know if you need any other help.

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My college I’d is

thanks for your reply

My email that has the training is
my bolt device ID is : BOLT8024704
and my college id is

Hi @garimabaleja ,

I have unlinked the device from your previous account. Please follow the setup process again to link the device to your cloud account.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

It’s just a suggestion. You should not send emails in public forums; you may get nasty emails from some bad people.
When you open your bolt cloud account >devices>Hardware module>click vertical three dots>click on the ‘i’ button, you will find a disconnect button.
After that, open the BoltIoT app on your phone and add the device to your original account.
It may help.

Hello! I made a similar mistake and linked the bolt device to a different account and would like to change it back.
The id I connected it to is: and instead the id I have used for registration is can you please help?