How to develop your own API?

Is there any additional course to learn how to make your own API for the Boltiot platform?

Hey… @varunjkp2001 , log on to the cloud account, click on API, then click on GENERATE NEW API KEY Button. But, you need to replace the old API key with this new one in all your codes.

Thanks but i was actually referring about the URLs that include the API key and device id with some function to control a component .

Hey… @varunjkp2001 , you need to make API calls. See this lecture

If you want to build you own custom api with some special feature you can go for any rest framework specific to progamming language you are comfortable with for
eg(recommended): Flask or Fast API Python framework its easy to begin with and less coding is require too .

  1. Once you have selected the framework
  2. you have to utilize the “boltiot” module and others it you need any to create a wrapper on boltiot module.
  3. after creating logic, just host the api either local or on web and communicate with it.

hosting: (other free servers are available too)

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