How to disconnect the previous WiFi network?

The device is not going online ,the bolt cloud is showing offline always what you think that I have to do for going online I tried to connect to WiFi network but not possible

@nidhin1996 You haven’t linked any product with the device . Configure it and it will work :smiley:

@nidhin1996 What issue were you facing in connecting the Bolt to the WiFi network?

link the product that you have created in the bolt cloud under product session to your device. Make sure that you have connected your device with your pc to make device online.

how can i change the connected wifi network?

@nidhin1996 You can click on the disconnect button in the product info popup to disconnect from WiFi once the Bolt is online.
Then you can do the setup via the app again and choose a different WiFi network.

One your cloud in laptop or PC then click on properties (3dots) the click disconnect it

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Or close your current hostpot and join another through Android app.

Okay, so from the picture you attached, I suppose you’ve entered the WiFi password incorrectly.
You should try to reconnect to the WiFi, by using the Mobile App.
If the problem persists you should try a different network.
Are the blue and green leds turning on and stable??
For disconnecting the WiFi network, simply go to the Mobile App and click add a new device on bottom of the screen, follow the steps… Your WiFi password will be changed.
For disconnecting the device from the account, first update the firmware of the device by providing a internet connection to Bolt module and then click on the disconnect button similar to the picture you’ve provided.