How to do the Buzzer project

How to do the buzzer project…? I am not getting it.

I guess u have used resistor for buzzer
In this project u should not use resistor

Circuit connection
Connect long pin of buzzer to 0
And connect short pin of buzzer to GND

Do not use resistor

Circuit Connection:
Connect the long pin of the buzzer to pin no 0 and connect the short pin of the buzzer to GND(You can use male and female wire that is in the kit for the connection).
Don’t use register.
You have to write similar code as you write in case of LED.
Now to change the frequency of the buzzer you can use analogWrite function [ i.e analogWrite(0,255); where 255 is the frequency, it can vary from 0 to 255 ].
Here is sample code:

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