How to find Course Access Code

How to find course access code for certificate of trainning??

@prasannadeshmukh2000 kindly use this link Bolt Cloud where you can find your course code

Hi @prasannadeshmukh2000 ,
As mentioned by @rajmohanoff , you can get the course access code from this link. It is the same code you used to access your training. Do let me know if you need any other help.

but there was only the coupon code…No access code is visible

Hi @piyushbhattacharya16,
coupon code and access code are essentially the same.

But sir I have been using that code only as my access code(coupon code), but it is still not working
It is showing that “Your entry doesn’t match “

Hi @piyushbhattacharya16,
Please make sure you are using the same email id with which you purchased the training. Also, make sure you copy the access code as it is, with no spaces in the beginning or end.

You can visit the below link to get your course access code.

You can find it in the training purchase section

Hi there
You can find your access code via your email which you used to register in to your bolt or you will get an access card with your bolt iot kit.In that card you can scan the QR code on it and you can enter into it…

This may help you👆🏼