How to find the temperature in a light monitoring system

In bolt light monitoring system we get get i am getting 1.02 thousand values continuously…I read on the forum that 1.02 is the max value…
But seeing these values how are we supposed to know the temperature,when our plant needs more light,when our plant needs less light and so on

This is the simplest project, it only works in determining if your plant is receiving constant light, fluctuating or is in dark? That is all.

But it can be improved by adding a humidity sensor, a temperature sensor and more if you want (making it smarter). Also to go advance in this, you need to do whole research on the plant itself, understanding how much light it needs, humidity, type of soil, temperature etc. And then you can build the ideal environment for it and can control the environment via those sensors.

Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk is already doing this and a few more people, farming inside a container. This is the future of farming.

To fetch both temperature and light intensity at a time , you should use a microcontroller like arduino with bolt wifi module. and also you have make some changes in the code of bolt wifi module to fetch two data’s at a time, and display it together.