How to get refund of Augmented Reality Training

Hello, I enrolled in augmented reality training but due to incomplete content i am unable to proceed my learning and i have not that much time to wait for your content to be upload in 30 days. You change your date everytime. I want my refund back as we can take our refund within 10 days. So due to the trainers carelessness I didn’t like the training and want my refund. So please tell me how should i take my refund??
Please reply as soon as possible.
Thank You

Hi @divya.mittal_da18,

Apology for the inconvenience, Login to the Bolt Cloud using your registrar email id and then visit this link to raise the refund request.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hello, I had applied for a refund almost a month ago, and it showed that you will get the refund within 3 working days… I still haven’t received it. Also, if I go to this link, I can’t access it. Can you please look into the issue?