How to get status of device on bolt cloud app?

Hello there!
I wanted to use a relay and a pump via bolt. I just wanted to know how do I get a status on my bolt cloud app as a label (just like we have buttons) as a part of my program, whether my relay value is high or low…as I am controlling relay through a python program simultaneously using bolt cloud api. Is there any other way? I want to turn relay on and off based on the range of values given by a sensor, which I have managed to encode in python using bolt cloud api. I just want the bolt cloud app to tell me on my phone whether my relay is on or off…

Hi Megha,

It won’t be possible to check the state of the pin whether its high/low as reading the data of the pin will reset it and will fail the whole purpose of your project.

You can however manage this programmatically, storing the last status of the pin that you set to and display it accordingly.