How to give power supply to bolt wifi module without type c cable?

How do I give power supply to my bolt wifi module without using a type c cable maybe by using a mobile charger circuit. Please guide me to do the same.

And one more thing, if I am using a rgb led, how am I supposed to change the color of it with boltiot module in python?

Please help me in doing this part

Hi @kushag09,

A standard micro-usb charger should work fine with the Bolt WiFi module. You do have the one which was shipped to you with the kit right? That is a micro-USB cable, not a USB type C cable.

Could you share a photo or a link of where you bought the RGB LED?

There are different types of RGB LED’s available online. If you have the most common one, it will have 4 terminals. You need to identify which pin is which. There will be a common cathode (-ve) or common anode (+ve) config.

For common Cathode, you have to connect the cathode to the GND pin of the Bolt WiFi module, and connect the rest of the 3 pins via a 330 ohm resistor each to 3 different digital output pins of the Bolt WiFi module.

For comman anode, it is the same, but you have to connect the common anode to the 5v pin.

You can then control each digital pin using the remote API and have different combinations of on and off to control what color is displayed by the LED.

Sorry I meant micro USB charger not USB type c cable. I want to give power supply to it without using the micro USB port. Please tell me how would I give power supply to the bolt WiFi module without the micro USB port.

My plan is to make a smart led bulb and to make it, obviously there is no way to power up the bolt module with the micro USB cable. So I needed to know an alternative way to power up the bolt module.
And I was planning to buy RGB LED but I think my problem for that is solved.

you can take a spare/old usb cable cut it in half and power the usb with 5 v(from 9v battery and a voltage regulator lm7805). or you can use a power bank.

If I use battery, it would need to change from time to time which would not be feasible and same is the case for power bank.

So I need a way through which there is no need of changing the equipment of the bulb again and again.

Use tesla coil to power up

If you are using a adaptor or transformer(12v or any other) in your project, then use a voltage regulator(like 7805 or dc to dc buck converter). So that you can get a 5v supply then connect it with the bolt board with the micro usb cable

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