How to make multiple sensors reading display in same page

Can we connect multiple sensors to Bolt at the same time and make their reading display in same it possible and if yes how to do it.

@indus19 yes you can use multiple sensors at the same time in Bolt.

By displaying their readings you must imply that you have to display the value extracted from the input sensors say LDR, LM35 sensor becuase for output devices there is no point of displaying the value as you yourself gives the value to output devices first.

So you can connect different input sensors through the 05 GPIO pins available in the Bolt module. As you would find yourself in a situation where you need to insert 3 pins in the Ground pin of module. So in that case the breadboard comes into picture.
You must be aware that if we give, say Gnd pin to one of the breadboard port then all the 05 ports will be having the same thing i.e. all 05 will be having Ground. So use the breadboard to do the connections.

Say you place the output pin of the LM35 sensor in the GPIO pin 2 and one leg of LDR into GPIO pin 1. Then use the analogRead(β€˜1’) and analogRead(β€˜2’) functions to read the value from the sensors and then display accordingly

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Yup. This is where breadboard comes in the picture which we have recieved in our hardware kit.
By using it, we can use multiple sensors and other devices such as motors etc at once.
Consult this blogpost to learn more about it. :slight_smile:

How much sensors can I connect at the same time.

GPIO as of now has 05 GPIO pins and one A0 pin, so you can connect 6 sensors and can use the breadboard to make the connectons

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Thank you for your support ,I don’t know how to code to display all 6 sensors in a single page.can u please help me out