How to make new libraries and interface it with Bolt

I have made industrial pressure monitoring system with Pressure Sensor interfacing with Raspberry Pi using I2C based Current Loop Receiver but I am curious to make my library on bolt cloud and monitor the readings using bolt hardware in such a way that bolt hardware will communicate with Raspberry Pi

Any suggestion or documentation will be very helpful


To use the Bolt with the Raspberry PI, all you have to do is connect the UART tx and rx pins of the Pi to the rx and tx pins of the Bolt. (Remember to use a common ground connection)

On the software side, you can use modify the serial port code of WiringPi, to send and receive data from the Bolt.

On the cloud side, you will need to use the Bolt UART API, the link is given below

We do have an Arduino library, so if you can interface your sensor to an Arduino, you will be able to easily connect it to the Cloud using the Bolt.

Hey is there any I2C shield modules available to connect easily with Bolt?
And after studying the documentation and going with every step mentioned in it, my raspberry pi is still not connected with bolt while using the command response = mybolt.isAlive(), I am facing some error again and again
Please suggest what cause this ?

Hi @arbitary32,

We do not have any specific I2C interfacing hardware, but the library I mentioned earlier is meant to be run on an Arduino.

You can program the Arduino to do your I2C work, and use the library to push the collected data over UART to the Bolt IoT module.

Here is the docs link