How to read 2 sensors data from Arduino to Boltiot Cloud

I want to read data from 2 sensors at a time. So I used Arduino to get data from 2 sensors. Can anyone please tell me how to upload data from Arduino to Bolt Cloud. I have also a doubt about reading multiple analog pins data from Arduino to Bolt Cloud, do I need to upgrade Bolt Cloud in-order to get multiple csv values.

Here is my code in Arduino

Please go through the below link for the images for code in Arduino and Bolt Cloud.
Link for remaining images

Please help to identify where the error is occurring. When I tested only with Arduino, it works fine, but when I connected Bolt Wifi Module and try to look out with graph, I didn’t find any data is recorded.

Thank you.


Can you check this?

@yeshwant.naik @vinayak.joshi
I didn’t get any solution till now. When I tried to get data by upgrading Bolt cloud to fetch multiple csv readings to bolt from arduino, it shows me only 2 readings and those are fixed and no changes made even after 1 hour. I have also tried to check with below link and here also only 2 readings and time and readings are fixed until device turned off.
Link is


Apologies for the delay in response.

In your arduino code, please try removing the lines





These are interfering with the working of the helper library.

Thank you so much sir. It’s perfectly working now and I can see the graph plotting with the readings. Now I am getting the json data from arduino to above link.