How to read data from RX pin using python

how to read data from RX pin using python Transmitting using Ardiuno uno Tx pin kindly do help me out i am using mybolt.serialRead(“RX”) function to read but its not reading any thing so help me out.

import serial

this port address is for the serial tx/rx pins on the GPIO header

SERIAL_PORT = ‘/dev/ttyAMA0’

be sure to set this to the same rate used on the Arduino


def main():
ser = serial.Serial(SERIAL_PORT, SERIAL_RATE)
while True:
# using ser.readline() assumes each line contains a single reading
# sent using Serial.println() on the Arduino
reading = ser.readline().decode(‘utf-8’)
# reading is a string…do whatever you want from here

if name == “main”:

can you please provide a more clear sample code as i am not able to understand that were i have to write all the connection code for my bolt iot board to cloud do kindly help me and ya what i have to mention in the place of SERIAL_PORT