How to replace multiple numbers in JS using `.replace`?

I have created a system to convert the numbers you enter into lists.

This is my code:


<textarea id="input" cols="80" rows="4"></textarea>
<button onclick="compile()"> Parse </button>
<p id="output"></p>


const parser = (text) => {
    const parsed = text
            .replace(/^1. (.*$)/gim, '<ol><li>$1</li></ol>');

return parsed.trim()

const compile = () => {
    document.getElementById("output").innerHTML = parser(document.getElementById("input").value);

Here, when I execute the code as such: 1. foo 1, I get the result as expected:

  1. foo 1

But when I execute:

  1. foo 1
  2. foo 2

It doesn’t work. Is there any method that could enable me to type numbers into bullets that drag onto ∞?

In JavaScript, you can use the .replace() method to replace multiple numbers in a string. Here’s an example:

html code

<!DOCTYPE html>

<p id="demo">This is a test string with some numbers: 123 456 789.</p>

var str = document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML;
var replacedStr = str.replace(/123|456|789/g, "XXX");
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = replacedStr;


In the example above, we use the .replace() method to replace the numbers “123”, “456”, and “789” in the string with the string “XXX”.

To replace multiple numbers, we can use a regular expression with the g flag to perform a global search and replace all occurrences of the numbers in the string. In this case, we use the regular expression /123|456|789/g to match any occurrence of “123”, “456”, or “789” in the string.
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Hi @sahanasahu848
Thanks for the solution. But can you suggest any methods using JavaScript RegEx?

Use the replace() method to replace multiple characters in a string, e.g. str.replace(/[._-]/g, ' ').

The first parameter the method takes is a regular expression that can match multiple characters.

const str = 'one.two_three-four';

const result = str.replace(/[._-]/g, ' ');