How to reset Bolt Hotspot PAssword

i forget my Hotspot password.
how can i reset my device.

There is no way using which you can reset the Bolt Hotspot Password of your Bolt Wifi Module.
This is because for connecting the Bolt Wifi module it uses its own Personal Hotspot to just connect to the mobile using Bolt app and then by using the app you can connect the Bolt Wifi module to the internet network of your choice. when the Bolt Wifi module is connected with your phone then the BLUE Light of the module will start blinking fast.

I recommend you to go throught module 4 (Getting started with the Iot cloud) thoroughly.

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I am answering to your question assuming that you want to RESET your bolt wifi module’s personal hotspot password used for connecting the bolt module to the wifi network.

Now the answer to your Question is NO becoz:- You cannot RESET your Bolt wifi module personal hotspot password as it is only used to connect the bolt module to the cellphone(mobile) via the Bolt app which you need to install from playstore or any ios app store.

As stated in the online tutorial videos Bolt Module does not have a Monitor and Keyboard to select the wifi network it wants to be connected to.
so for the purpose of connecting the Bolt module to the internet network we use the Bolt app

I recommend you to watch the module getting started with the IOT cloud where it has been taught how to set up your Bolt module to the internet
After following all the procedures correctly the BLUE AND GREEN LIGHT OF THE MODULE WILL REMAIN STABLE depicting that your module is connected to a stable network and to the bolt cloud.

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The lights(both blue and green) in the bolt wifi module are stable, however the devices is not showing in the app. Can you please advise?

Head to, login with the same email ID, and check if the device is visible there.

If yes, re-login to the bolt device. (Make sure to use the same email ID you used for purchasing the course)

Thanks for the suggestion but the wifi module is not showing in my device, If I reset my wifi password will it work, because I did not sync the device to the cloud. I believe it is connected to the cloud but I am not able to see the module.

When you first connected the USB cable, both green and blue light was lit?

Or did you use the Bolt IoT App to add the device?

Did you configure the device at least once? Or were the LEDs stable for the first time when you powered on?

Yes I did configure my device, however I did not click on verify my setup after the green light got stable. After few minutes when I checked in the app that option was not available.

Hi Madhav,

As per our discussion on call, I am happy to know that your issue has been solved now. The device connection to the WiFi had been completed. However, the account linking step was not done. Hence the device was not appearing in your account.

My apologies for the delay in resolving the same. Let us know if you face any issue in the future.