How to reset the setup process and start again or change the wifi password being passed on to the bolt module?

The wifi setup process has been completed but the password that I have entered is wrong. How do I start the setup process again?

Just follow the same steps you did the first time. Just type the right password this time :wink:
Don’t worry, you can connect the Bolt Module as many times as you like to as many different networks you want. Although it will only be connected to the last connection you made, just like your mobile or laptop does.
For a detailed step-by-step process, check the link.

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As in should I click on add a new device?

Because this time the Blue led has stabilised and when trying to add a new device I get the following screen.

Okay so after a few more iterations the module disappeared from the list of modules on the app and then add a new device worked. I was just wondering if it is possible to add more than one wifi connection to a bolt module?

Why would you want to connect to the more than one wifi connection? Even if you do,it will only be connected to one at once, like any other Wifi device.
If you want to connect to one more than one device simultaneously then that’s not possible. But you connect to different connections at different times.