How to reset Training

Can anyone please tell me how I can reset my training? Actually, m enrolled in Voice app training and only completed 30% of it in Feb after that I stopped doing it and now I want to start it over again. Can anybody please help me how can I reset it? thank u

Hi @shivalikyougal392. I am not sure whether you can reset your training, but you can always revisit the lectures you have already completed and start over again. :slight_smile: Hope that helped

Hi , @shivalikyougal392
you cant reset the Training but you can always revisit the topics whenever you want as you have lifetime access to the training.

@shivalikyougal392 you dont need to reset your training progress as it does not matter much. Videos are available for lifetime access so you can revisit them whenever you wish and how many ever times you wish to re watch same video. Hence, you technicallty do not need to worry about resetting your progress.
Hope your query was addressed appropriately.

There is no option for resting the training but you can start everything from the beginning… you can watch all the videos and visit all the pages for the life time.

hey @shivalikyougal392 you cannot reset your training but however you can always revisit
all your videos and you can watch them as much as you want
hope your query is solved with this solution