How to restart the bolt wifi module

How-to restart the module

You can use one of the utility functions to do the same. isOnline function is used ro restart the bolt device.

You can use the API request to restart the device.

Command : restart

deviceName : The name of the Bolt device you want to control.

So in the above api request in form of link, you have to replace the API key with your personal API key and the device id.

Run the above API request in your browser and you will see the Device restarting

Sir my wifi module not connected

Hi @rokesh550 ,
If the Bolt WiFi module was connected to your network earlier, try changing your wifi password, this will restart your module then you should configure the module using the steps provided in the mobile app.
If possible please provide other information such as the status of LEDs in the module. Do let me know if this doesn’t work.

Blue and green led are stable but not connected to cloud

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Change your wifi password…after this you need to setup the WiFi module again follow the procedure in the app.
Do let me know if you need any assistance to update link in website it shows site can’t be reached

Can you please elaborate what you did step by step.
screenshots or pics would be helpful.

I am keep trying for last three days I am really lost my learning experience. first bolt wifi module was damaged replacement take 10 days and second this which is not connected.please improve simplicity and provide best quality of learning experience.i am really disappointed.please help today then next two days leave for you

Can you reset my bolt wifi module

Email id:

Device id:Bolt290377

R1 -

Is your wifi using 5GHz? (5G)

R2 -

First switch off your mobile data, clean the phone ram.
Then start the app fresh.
Now connect to your wifi hotspot from bolt app.

did you enter the correct credentials like the ssid password and other things?
if yes then try connecting it to a different hotspot from another phone.

Hi @rokesh550,

Please refer to this video and check if it helps. I will be also contacting you over phone to check if your issue is resolved.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Same problem
(While connecting the bolt for the first time yesterday , I successfully connected my phone with bolt hotspot but while connecting to my Wi-Fi hotspot it couldn’t find my home Wi-Fi despite typing the details . So I closed the app and started again, but from that time when ever I am connecting the bolt through USB both blue and green LED are becoming stable although it is neither connected to my phone nor my Wi-Fi.
Please help. )