How to save file on putty

how to save file on putty

@shubh.1923en1071 U can save file By typing ctrl+X nano exits.

@shubh.1923en1071 Use Ctrl+O to save all the modifications that you have made in the file. Then press Ctrl+X to exit from the nano editor.

To save a python file on putty, first click on “CTRL + X”. Then you will get the option of whether you want to save the file or not. Type y for yes and n for no. Then click on “Enter” after saving the file name.

  1. ctrl + x
  2. y and then enter
  3. and once again enter to save the file with the given name (if you want to change the name of the file then you can change it at the bottom where you can see its previous name and then update it and click enter).