How to send data from BoltIot to Arduino


I have connected a sensor to pin 1 of the BoltIot module and I need to transfer the value obtain from the sensor to the Arduino and automate some LED operation when the value is larger than a threshold level.

You should instead connect sensor to arduino and connect pin1 of BOLT_IOT to arduino(GPIOS) to control it using bolt_iot…

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Hi @snahmed1309,
If you are using an analog sensor[which has multiple values between 0V-1V] connect it to pin A0 as it is an analog pin and can sense different voltage levels. Digital pins can only sense 2 values, either voltage is below a certain threshold (nearly 0V) or above.

To transfer values from Bolt to Arduino, you may use the Bolt Python Library and Bolt Arduino Library. First, connect your Bolt and Arduino using UART. Then use the bolt python library to fetch the Data from the analog pin on Bolt and send it using UART to arduino using serialWrite method.

You may use the Bolt Arduino Library to easily communicate between your Bolt and Arduino using UART. Do refer to the documentation for both the libraries. Do let me know if you need any other help.