How to send data from google apps script to telegram channel?

Dear All;
I have created an analysis tool on google apps script which utilizes Javascript. I need to share the output to a telegram channel. How can I do that?

check the telegram video in the bolt IOT course.
create a telegram public channel
create a telegram BOT via BotFather
set the bot as administration in your channel.
after that you can send message to your channel by using an HTTP GET request to the telegram BOT API at the given url[BOT_API_KEY]/sendmessage?

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Thank you VERY MUCH. I tried it. The GAS did not run it. The error message:

Exception: Invalid argument:[1246662861:AAFGejYXvmstfH-

Sir, can you kindly help me?
Try this solution

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Dear shruti_kumari;
I thank you very much for your detailed response. It was solution indeed. Is there away to automate feeding facebook and tweeter too?