How to supply currrent in another USB cable using bolt wifi module


I am working on a project of my own, can anybody tell me how to supply current/power of 3.3V through another USB Cable using bolt Wifi Module…

Any suggestions Please…??

what actually you want to know?
do you want get the power through bolt module or you want to give the power to bolt wifi module

I just want to know how to supply 3.3V from bolt module to another device like LED strip…
I tried with GPIO input methods but the power is insufficient…
But when I connect it with 3.3V or 5V pin, then it works…

Can’t I control the current flow of the 3.3V or 5V pin?

And can I pass the current from bolt module to another Device like LED strip using USB cable?? If yes then how??

I would suggest using a motor driver, but it would be better if you build a BJT/Thyristor based circuit in common emitter configuration to make it work as an amplifier. Amplifier method would be cheep but would be a little cumbersome to make. You can check circuits online.

Can you please explain it in detail?
or suggest any video??

I guess this video might help.

With a little tinkering you can use bolt’s 5volt/3.3volt supply as the source rather than seperate 12v battery if the load is small enough.

P.S: Check the voltage rating of the LED strip you want to control. Based on that you can connect pencil cells in series as well to power it.

u can use a usb cable to power the bolt module and use an external power source for the LED strip.
if the LED strip has a data/communication pin use it to control the LED else u can use a transistor/driver circuit to control the LEDs

Please select the GPIO output and if the LED strip consumes more power than you need to use some DC power batteries

The idea given by @himanshugoyel05 is great for my LED strip because it consumes small voltage like 3.3V or 5V.
I know it works with these 3.3V and 5V pin of Bolt Module with another ground pin…
BUT can u tell me how can i control the current flow using the GPIO…
Let me explain my doubt…

  1. I am connecting my LED strip to bolt module with one pin of 3.3V pin and another in Ground pin
  2. After the connection the LED strip works perfectly fine.
  3. But whenever i use GPIO digital output instead of 3.3V pin of the bolt module for the current supply then the LED strip do not work.

So my doubt is, can we control the LED strip using these 3.3V or 5V pin??

if anyone knows using the 3.3V or 5V of pin for the power supply to the LED strip, and to control the this current flow can we use the GPIO pin??

if you know the answer… please imagine you have bolt module and a LED strip which works on 3.3V or 5V, and you should control the current flow…

please explain the connections…

Thank you in Advance…

Yeah, in short you can’t control the module by 5v or 3.3v pins. Since they are just voltage pins and not control pins. The control pins are 0-4 and A0 which are limited by their current supplying capacity(i guess). Thus you have to use the voltage pins to supply the power and the control pins to trigger the current flow and to do this you will require a transistor or a driver circuit. I hope this answers your query.

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What you are saying is exactly right…!!!
but i need an example of the circuit connection or… just tell me how can i connect it??

Which led strip are you using.(part number)

This is assuming that the strip doesn’t have its own controller. I mean, it is like a regular LED. Just use bolt instead of Arduino and control a pin with buttons on HTML or JS. Remember to use N-MOSFET and not P-MOSFET


I don’t know exactly,I extracted it from a torch

Thank you sir for this information… it’s very helpful for my project…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you please tell me the suitable number of N-MOSFET ?