How to Update Bolt firmware?

1.a) Update Steps:
i) Make sure your bolt is connected to a WiFi with a good internet speed.
ii) Go to your bolt_ip_address/settings page.
iii) Click on the Update button present on this page.
iv) Wait for a minimun of 3 minutes for the update to complete.

What are the new firmware updates

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With the new firmware update you shall be able to store the data to the cloud asynchronously without having to open an HTML page. Also you can plot various graphs using the data by writing just writing 5 lines of code.

I did not find update option in setting page. There is only Wi Fi and Device Name option

Hi, You need to update bolt sd card files first. Refer this link Updates to the Bolt SD card Files

i want to change my wifi connection in bolt device. After clicking the disconnect option, its telling me to update the firmware. im not able to update my bolt device from firmware version 1.3. i clearly know how to do it and my wifi speed is very good (200mbps). as displayed, after clicking on update it goes offline for 2mins and then comes online but no change in firmware version,its not getting disconnected from previous wifi!!
what shall i do???