How to upload the project documentation and video

i have done my project but have no link to upload my project documentation and video where i can upload it and to answer the forum questions i have done it but there is response what can i do

hey @daismadhu23
just copy and paste the link of your response when asked in certificate exam.

Instructions for pasting the forum question

In the examination, there will be TWO questions in which you will be asked to paste a link of in which you have answered ANY question. The two questions carry FOUR marks each.

It may already have been answered by anyone earlier. Just remember to not just copy-paste the previous answer. You can explain it yourself a little differently or offer an alternative answer.

One line answers will not be evaluated. Please substantiate your answers so that they are at least 1-2 lines.

You can get the link of the question by following the steps below -

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Pick ANY question that you can answer and answer it.
  3. After you have answered it, you can get the link of the question by clicking on the “CHAIN” icon on your answer.
    you will be required to create a project using the Bolt module on and submit the link for it when asked in the exam.

Hope it’ll help you!

can anyone help me to find solution for this things. 1.where i have to post the video of the project. 2.should i record the videos of all the projects or only for final project.

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Yess even I have same doubt
Should I upload all the project video or only final ?