How to upload the project video and where

can anyone help me to find solution for this questions to upload the video of the project and where?.
2.should i have to upload the every project video or else i have to post the final project only.

you have to upload the video for the final project only made by you using bolt module.
Video submission is not mandatory for the project, but it will fetch you more marks if you upload it.
you have to upload your video to youtube and attach the video link while submitting your project

@jasjeet768 tq for your reply.

No need to post the videos of the project given in between the course. you may upload the compressed form of the video (size of less than 2MB) to the boltiot cloud (project idea) or you may upload the project video in youtube and paste the youtube link of the project video to the cloud.

submitting original project is very important for the final project. while you can refer to this link on how to submit your project you can also upload your project video on youtube and share the link. while video is not mandatory but it is preferable.