How to use Google Cloud instead od digital ocean

can anybody tell me how to create a droplet in google cloud instead of digital Ocean because googfle cloud is giving for year

Hello sir,
I think you can’t use google cloud because bolt package is not included in google cloud.If you can get bolt package then you can go ahead.Try to connect to ssh of bolt

We are not using all the features of cloud we are using digital ocean just to create a VM similarly we can also create that in Google cloud , and package we can install it I am getting error while creating Google cloud VM can anybody tell me

Sir can you send me a screenshot.

@sadineniteja198 You can use any platform to create your Ubuntu OS. The Bolt library is designed to work on any OS like Linux/OSX/Windows.
For example, on your command line, you can type,
sudo pip3 install boltiot to install the boltiot library.

Hi @sadineniteja198,

Yes, you can use google cloud . You need to install ubuntu image

Also one easier solution is VMware, Virtualbox, Digital Ocean all are not working : Solved In this case you don’t have to install any OS and you can run all your code on browser.

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Yes, you can go with Goolge Cloud instead of DigitalOcean. It will not be of much problem. Although, If you want to go for Google Cloud just because you like the iaas provider then you are welcome to continue hosting with google.
However, I don’t recommend you to leave DigitalOcean as it is a great host with great service and economical package.
You can also go for this solution:

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