How to use the Bolt Python library in your code?

I have already installed anconda software, and running codes on jupiter. do we still need to download python library for windows 10, as while writing the code in bolt app there are jst 2 extensions available that is html and js.

The mail which you send sir, its giving error so I cant work further.
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From what I have understood, your code is not communicating with bolt cloud via the Bolt API. To do that, you will have to install the “boltiot” python library on your python/Anaconda installation for window 10. I have a similar setup where I have installed Python 2.7.8, using the PyCharm IDE on Windows 10. I searched and installed the “boltiot” package within the PyCharm IDE which later I have imported in the code. And the Project worked without any glitch.

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Can you please share the link to install?

Hey @pednekarruchika,

Apologies for the delay in reply. Here’s the link I used to install python packages in PyCharm

And here is a link I found for your setup which might be useful.

As per the article, since you’re in the jupyter notebook and you want to install a package with conda, I’d suggest you to try installing the package as follows;

Install a conda package in the current Jupyter kernel

import sys
!conda install --yes --prefix {sys.prefix} boltiot

See if this helps.

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