How will a common man read this values?


Can you help me out in reading???

Hi @pednekarruchika:

Please help me understand what you are trying to do, and I will help you implement the same.

Hi Sir,
Can you tell me how to read 1.02 thousand,142,616…values? What do I interpret it as??

Hi @pednekarruchika,

I was not able to understand what your question is regarding.
Is i regarding the data which is displayed on the device view page?

1.02thousand is short for 1024.

As for 142, 616 please clarify the context so that I can better help you.

Hi @pednekarruchika

Apology for the issue. There is a bug in the table graph and if the value is more than 1000 then it starts showing the value in text and numbers. For now, you can change the table graph to line graph. We will fix this issue ASAP and will update you regarding the same.

Do let me know in case you need any other info.

Sir, in this case jst wanted to knw , whethr 0 correspnds to darkness and higher values like 1024 value corresponds to brightness…!!

@pednekarruchika you are correct, 0 corresponds to dar conditions and 1024 corresponds to bright conditions.

1.02thousand is the mAX VALUES for the data above which it only show upto 1024 for what ever the max intensity for the light that is how also for 0 is the minimum for dark conditions.