How would I access the bolt from an external network?

I’ve reserved the bolts IP so when it connects it’s always 1.35. What I’d like to do now, is access the bolt from an external network. So I can use my phones connection to control it.
I realise that this would mean I’d need to know what my router’s public IP is. But I don’t mind that.
For now, I’d like to know how to access the bolt assuming I know what my router’s public IP is.

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You can do it via the The Bolt cloud works only on Bolt devices which have Firmware version 1.3 and above.
To check your firmware please enter BoltIPAddress/version in browser.

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I can’t register :frowning: error 500

Okay, I decided to lie and check the ‘I am not a robot’ box :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Anyway, I’m in right now. Experimenting. :grinning:

But for knowledge, how would I access a device, say an Arduino, from the outside world?

/version returns {"Bolt Version":"1","Firmware Version":"2.0(168)"}
but it but /register gives
Not found: /register

This is an older version of Bolt. You will have to visit us at our office in Mala or Ship your Bolt unit to us so that we could update the firmware and send it across. From V1.3 onwards you will get an auto update where you will regularly get an update when you login into the app.

Okay, thanks. I’ll do that at the earliest.

Can you send me the update file so that I don’t need to do the work of shiping

I found the answer, port forwarding.

  1. You need a programmer to update the files. We may not be able to share it.

  2. Port forwarding is not secure and will also lack a lot of features of the Bolt cloud like access management, data visualisation etc.

It would be great if you could send the Bolt via speed post and we shall send you a new version. Henceforth you will get update over the air.

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I realised that. I only wanted something to show my friends. Nothing permanent. If I visit your office, how fast can I expect to get my bolt updated?

It should take about 3-4 minuets. But do call us on 0832-2433121 to confirm if we are available that day.