Html and sublime

The editorials are not working effectively. Saved files in sublime shows some irrelevant web pages.

Could you please be more specific @sanduanasiva

Hello @sanduanasiva
Can you please explain briefly what problems you are encountering, and please don’t hesitate to upload the code which you are working on also share the output what you are getting right now so that we can analyse

When i was working with div tags in html, i did same procedures as was mentioned . The codes were copied and saved but my doubtful situation at present is that in my case,either the sublime doesn’t create a web page or it creates some invalid ones . I created the first web page and got it right and is having a serious confusion regarding this misfunctioning.

@sanduanasiva The sublime is only text editor.It used to create codes (html tags,js,etc…,). It doesn’t create the web page,used to coding and check the code into web browsers like chrome, Mozilla Firefox,Internet explore etc…,

So how do we create webpage with the help of sublime?

As i was new to html it was all new to me. Now by practice i got it right. Thank you for all those who replied and helped me out.

try on visual studio code

or anaconda

this both are good for python

and if you get any difficulty for configuration use this link

Can you please share the code and screenshot of the webpage after open the html page?